We believe in a saying that agriculture is a backbone. In recognizing that, we had to come up with an idea of garden project, whereby we shall be teaching on how they can raise their living standards through gardening and how to do an effective and productive gardening system. The point of garden project is to teach children and community the importance of God’s creation and how to use it.


We are ambitious and eagerly to train the young generation and the community as well on how to prepare different kinds of meal and food which has got the essential nutrients needed by the body for its proper and healthier growth. We also train them to monetize on the skillset to add value to their living standards through the income they get.


The point of the health program is to educate the community and children on how to live healthy, how to stay clean and pure, and how to help others to combat with health related issues. We also teach young girls all the aspects of menstruation and the boys challenges of facing adolescence.



We believe that, investing money to where there’s no knowledge is the wastage of money, nevertheless, investing in impartation of skills and knowledge is the best investment where you can create ideas and implement them to bring forth money. In supporting the community, our organisation has purposed to innovate a tailoring school with a sole objective of impart knowledge on sewing machines [how to use them in making different designs of clothes], how to make washing soaps, how to make bags, tablemats and so much more.


Every child deserves proper education and better living standards. Unfortunately, usually this is not the case among the children in our community. Many of them are forced to stay at home due to poverty. Watoto Unity Foundation Tanzania has purposed to help some of the children with school material and tuition fees.


Music is awesome. Watoto Unity Foundation Tanzania aims to support the community with a music school program school, whereby people will be able to listen, sing and learn different sounds[voice training],rhythm, instruments[ piano, drum, guitar, flute lesson], songs [pop, classic, gospel etc.]. We believe that, through music people can make their dreams come true and find their identities as they glorify their creator God Almighty.



Sport connects in any corner. Whether you have shoes, are barefoot or without a ball, children always find a way to play soccer. The youth are todays nation, we need them in building up a firm foundation for tomorrow’s generation. Watoto Unity Foundation Tanzania organizes sports that brings young people together to bond and develop a stronger generation for tomorrow through their talents.


This is where parents and guardians link up with our staff members; the possible ways to meet is either through inviting them, as we organize for a meeting or through family visitation. We normally discuss the ideas, challenges and difficulties of parenting and come up with creative ideas to help the community. We aim to restore relationships, identity, belonging and purity within their families. Through parents workshop our vision is to see families reunited with a happy life.


Our target is to reach out as many children and youth as possible through camp training. Children and Youth will have an awesome time to learn new ideas and skills from one another and from our facilitators. A Camp can bring so much joy, it shall refresh and empower them to believe in themselves. With the sharing of testimonies, having time together as a team, playing and praying together will create awareness in their mind that they can still make things right as long as they trust in God their creator.

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